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Culture and Character


The attempt to shift the American culture and the American character is still under way — if you believe the words that come from most, if not all, the major news reporting sources.

IMG_4005 I was in Washington, D.C., on business last month during the confirmation hearings for John Kerry (secretary of state) and Chuck Hagel (secretary of defense), and I could not help but notice that the world view of both these men are not in line with the average belief of Joe American.

I met with people from across the United States, and the general consensus is that we are weaker in every area of culture and character, except the stock market. Unfortunately, the stock market is operating on a buy-low hope to sell-high principle.

All other areas of our culture and character, it seems, are being renovated and, unfortunately, we are not sure what to do about it, except ask the question “What is going on here?” The question indicates there are still some in our country who are aware that we are becoming different in a way that will restructure our social and political direction nationally and internationally.

IMG_4566We are appointing people to high office who have kicked the American image around publicly. For example, we read of public school teachers who pull down the American flag and stomp on it in American classrooms.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado and I would warn all young people to stay away from that stuff because it will rob you of ambition and cause you to create a culture that will not produce greatness. Folks, I’ve been to college and I was a young man in the 1970’s. And, if you don’t believe me, you can ask anyone who has spent significant time in Amsterdam.

The question that should be asked is, “Who is designing the future of America,” because all these adjustments to the character and culture are being put in for the near future.

What is culture? It is the visible result of past investments. Scripture calls it reaping what you have sown. We must ask ourselves, “What type of crops are we seeing come up?”

In the Atlanta airport the other day, I overheard a young lady who was talking on her phone and every other word out of her mouth was, as we used to say, profane. But we have allowed that line to be moved significantly and now we see the culture that comes out of us being afraid to be called intolerant of destructive behavior. Now, we must be brave enough to say “what was once considered decent is still decent,” and it will be enforced as decent behavior in public.

Americans, if you want it back, you are going to have enough character to take it back. Character –– now there is something that we lack in our current American experience. What is it? Character is a tangible quality that causes people who operate from it to contribute to their society instead of being a drain upon it.

IMG_7355That statement, of course, excludes anyone who has paid their dues and are now receiving the benefit of a former culture in a time when it was understood that it was far better to be judged by the content of your character than ethnicity or political party.

We have enough common sense in the year 2013 to identify the weeds from the vegetables, the flowers from the thorns, and unceremoniously remove them and work to bring forth once again an American culture that was a source of stability and pride. As spring approaches, I believe it is time to weed the garden.

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Comments to “Culture and Character”

  1. Mr. Bryant,

    So your movie – Runaway Slave at local Tea Party meeting this pass Tuesday in Chester, VA I was really touched by the truth you spoke about what has happened to our Great country by the lies and deception of the progressive/socialism movement and its leaders. Truly our only Hope for America is a great out pouring of the Holy Spirit – Revival within the true Church. We are nation found upon Christian principles. Many in this country not only have no use for Our Creator but hate Him. How sad. I want to encourage you to continue what you do to reach many with the truth about the Government proclamation off being America’s Savior. Government is not our Savior. The Lord Almighty is our Salvation and only Hope. I will pray for you and your family. Thanks for being first a man of God and next a true American Citizen.

    Thomas Jefferson once stated, “When the government fears the people we have Liberty. When the people fear the Government, you have Tyranny.” We all know what we have now in America – Tyranny.

    I pray our God will once pour out His Spirit and Blessing on America. I am convinced we are very close to the Rapture of the saints and the coming Anti-Christ and Tribulation.
    Charles Weaver